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Rice Water Hair Mask Worth A Try!

   Lately, I have been seeing a tons of articles and videos on using rice water for hair. So, I decided to give it a try! Most of the articles suggested using rice water as a final rinse but I decided to do something a little different. I made a hair mask using rice water and fenugreek since my scalp was a little irritated and there is nothing better than fenugreek for scalp irritations.
       Rice water is rich in starch, flavanoids, phenolic compounds, Vitamins like A, C and E, etc. It helps in strengthening the hair because of its high nutrient content. Rice water can be prepared in two ways: (1) Wash uncooked rice with plain water to get rid of all the dirt and when it is completely clean wash it again with water,slightly press the rice grains while doing so. Store the water in a glass jar at room temperature overnight. Rice water is ready to use! (2) Collect the rice stock after boiling the rice. Store it in a glass jar at room temperature overnight to prepare the rice water.

Fenugreek is rich in saponins, sterols, fiber, minerals, etc. It is has antibacterial and antifungal properties due to which it plays a marvelous role in soothing all kinds of scalp irritation. Soak some fenugreek seeds in water overnight.
Next morning using the prepared rice water and soaked fenugreek seeds make a paste. We will use this paste as our hair mask, It has a slimy texture. Before applying the hair mask, add few drops of the oil of your choice to the paste and mix it well. Apply the hair mask all over the hair, from scalp to tips. Keep it on for at least an hour and rinse off using plain water. The mask will leave some flakes, to get rid of the flakes comb the hair once it is completely dried. This mask will strengthen the hair, add shine, soothe the scalp and will also help in hair growth. You will notice the difference just after the first use, so give it a try, its completely worth it!
                        Thanks for reading!


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