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Different Ways To Use Hair Conditioner!

  Conditioner is the most important part of my hair routine, if I skipped it my hair becomes really frizzy and have some of the most stubborn knots. I recommend using silicon free conditioner as it is
  lighter, more moisturizing and easier to wash off. We all know the 'traditional' way of using conditioner that is applying it after rinsing the shampoo off. Here, are some other amazing ways to incorporate conditioner in your hair care routine so as to make the most of the product. Multi use products are more budget friendly as you don't  have to invest in other products which are meant to serve the same purpose.

 By using conditioner you can get rid of the most stubborn knots in just few minutes because of the slip it has. Emulsify the conditioner with water in your palms and apply over dry hair. Don't take a lot of product, all you need is a dime sized amount. Start combing your hair starting from bottom making your way upwards. This will get rid of all the knots with minimal hair breakage. If certain knots are giving you a harder time, apply a bit more conditioner to it.

 The less frequent you wash your hair, the more strength it will have, so do not wash your hair more than twice a week. During the days you do not wash your hair, it becomes frizzy, dull and hard to manage. In such situations, using a refresher is the best option. All you have to do is, take a spray bottle, fill 1/4th of it conditioner and the remaining with water. Spray little of this mixture all over the hair. Shake the hair at roots to add volume. That's it! Your hair will look fresh

 (3)Hair Mask
   Hair masks are really expensive to buy but you can get exactly the same results by using conditioner.Take a tablespoon of conditioner and add a tablespoon of aloevera gel and half teaspoon of olive oil, mix them well and  apply on damp hair. Keep it on for 30 mins and wash it off with water. This mask helps to add moisture to the hair and makes it shiny and easier to manage.

(4)Leave in Conditioner
  Silicon free conditioner can also function as leave in conditioner. Make sure you use chemical free conditioner so that leaving it on would not cause any damage. After rinsing your hair, apply one pump conditioner to soaking wet hair and secure the hair with a micro fiber towel or cotton towel. Take off the towel after 15 minutes, and let your hair air dry. You would be surprised how soft  hair turns out because of the conditioner. You should definitely give this a try!

(5)Hair Styler
  I love applying gel on my hair because of the defined curls it forms but what I do not like about it is the crunchiness it adds to the hair. The perfect solution to this, is mixing the tinniest bit of conditioner to the gel and then scrunching it into the hair. Doing this, you will get the amazing results that gel gives without the crunchy part.

             Thanks for reading!


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