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How To Style Jeans In Ten Different Ways!

    We all own at least one skinny jeans which fits us as it was made just for us!. We always style it in the same boring way and think that different outfits require different jeans and there cannot be many variations. This is definitely a misconception, in this post I will tell you how 10 different outfits can be created using a single jeans! (For all the looks I have used a dark blue high waisted multi button jeans which I bought from a local store)

(1)Brunch Date
     On a brunch date, our outfit should be casual, comfortable and look like we have put a little effort. For this look, I paired the jeans with a nude coloured drawstring top with floral prints. This top is perfect as it is flowy but because of the drawstring it accentuates the natural waist and the soft colour and prints add a feminine touch to the feminine look. I completed the look with some hoop earrings, a shell bracelet and a mesh ballerina flats because of the entire soft theme of the outfit.

(2)College Look
     The most important thing about my college look is that it should take the minimal time to be put together and for this graphic tee is the best option. For this look, I made a knot on a black graphic tee and folded the sleeves to add a little edge. To maintain the college vibe, instead of a regular hair tie I used a black scrunchie to tie my hair. For the accessories part, I kept it very simple and took care of the entire colour theme using black studs and a watch with black printed strap. Finally, I paired this washable black shoes with white lace to complete the entire look.

(3)Sweater Look
   If you have never tried pairing a sweater of the same colour as the jeans with a jeans, you should definitely try it and the outcome will surprise you! For this look, I paired a sweater exactly the same colour as the jeans and tucked it a little in one side to define the waist line. I completed the look with studs earring and this slip on shoe with white and blue strips to match the blue and white lines on the sweater.

(4)Layering Is The Key
   Layering automatically makes the outfit look 10 times more fashionable. Style a noodle strap top with a tshirt of similar colour or a colour that compliments under it.As my outfit had lots of blues and whites, I went with the same slip on as before and a white shell bracelet.
(5)Blazer Look
  This is my favorite look of the all as it is a very powerful look. I paired this structured military print blazer with a black tee underneath. You can go for oversized blazer as well, but I usually prefer well fitted clothes as it makes me look more put together. I did not go overboard with accessories as I wanted the blazer to do the talking and kept it simple with just a wrist watch. I completed the look with this which as little tan in it which brings the entire look together
(6)Crop Top And Bandana Makes A Nice Pair
   This is a very vibrant look and really easy to carry. I paired a red coloured ribbed crop top with the same coloured bandana. According to me, bandanas and crop tops really go well together, this pair makes it look as you have put lot of effort in your outfit. As the outfit is already very colourful, I decided to make it more colourful with a turquoise shoe. For the accessories, I used stud earrings and wrist watch.
(7)Kurti Look
   Kurti and jeans is such an amazing look which is so under rated. This look is the easiest to do and will fetch you so many compliments. I paired a short kurti with blue and white prints all over it which goes really well with the jeans. I paired chunky silver earrings as it really compliments the look. I completed the look with the black mesh ballerina flats 
(8)Denim on Denim
  Trust me, denim looks the best with denim. I tucked in this denim shirt into the jeans, you can make a knot as well. Wrist watch was the only accessory I used because I wanted the clothing pieces to be the highlight. To add a pop colour I paired it with the turquoise shoe which completed the look.
(9)Night Look
  It sounds a little impossible but you can actually create a night look using jeans. For this, I paired black lace body suit with the jeans and don't forget the red lip. For the accessories, I used hoop earrings and wrist watch. I completed the look with platform heels as night looks are not really completed without heels.
(10)Delicate Look
 I named this look as delicate because of the top I used. It is a very soft white see through top with lots of embroidery on it. It is a little big on me but I didn't want to sacrifice its length and flowiness so I tucked the top only in the front. I completed the look with the same chiunky silver earring and ballerina flats.

         Thanks for reading!


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