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Indian Wedding Outfit Ideas! (What I Wore To Meri Behen Ki Shaadi!)

  We can't look anything but fabulous to our sister's or closed one's wedding! But planning outfits for the same can be a lot confusing. To minimize the confusion, I suggest you to look for other's outfit and note down what you like about it, it could be anything like the fit or the style or even the color. Once you have five outfits you like( you can note down more than five outfits but it will just end up adding more to your confusion) go on websites like myntra, craftsvilla, biba, etc or local stores which sell ethnic wear and look for outfits you have noted down. In short, planning is the key to slay the wedding!

Here are the outfits which I rocked on my sister's wedding:

(1) Engagement Look
      For the engagement, I wore this beautiful
floor length green Indian gown with purple, magneta floral prints all over it. The gown came with a net cape with golden tie detail on the front which took the dress to another level. This dress was bought from a local store for INR 4500. I completed the look with some oxidized silver jhumkas with lotus details and broad bangles of the same color pattern as the dress and a golden bindi.

2)Haldi Look
 For Haldi, I wore a yellow Long kurti- Plazzo set from The kurti is very long and has white prints all over it. It has cold shoulder design with pom poms on the border. The plazzo has wide lengths and white prints all over it. The prints on the kurti and plazzo are different from each other. To complete the look, I wore pearl earrings and a brown watch.

(3)Mehendi Look
     For mehendi, I wore a baby pink coloured light weight length bought from instagram. The lehenga as well as the choli has silver floral prints all over it. I paired the lehenga will same coloured net dupatta which has this circular golden prints. To make this look even better, I worn some chunky silver choker and matching earring.                                                                                                                                                                             
(4)Shaadi Look
    For the actual wedding, I wore this beautiful sea green lehenga, I bought it from a store called Roop Sangam for INR 9000 which is not bad at all for its  quality, the fit and the overall look. It is a monochromatic lehenga will a lot of flare.The duppata,the choli and the lehenga has the same rich sea green coloured embroidery all over it.The lehenga comes with a can-can attached for extra volume. To give a richer look, I had worn some pearl choker,earring and mangtika and some matching bangles.

                     Thanks for reading!


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