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How To Be Productive!

  Every single day, we ensure ourself that we will be productive tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes, the long series of procrastination continues and this makes us feel guilty at the end of the day.
So, what to do? Just follow these few steps and you will definitely be more productive!

(1)Do what you love 
     I know.. I know, this is a very cliche sentence and you've heard it many times but it is still one of the most important factor affecting your productivity. If you hate your work or the organization you work for, it can be very stressful, it will not only affect your productivity but also your well being. In such a case if you can resign, do it, but I also understand that its not quite possible for everyone to quite their job, so here comes love what you do. If you were not able to get the exact subject combination you wanted in college, instead of being depressed throughout your college, try to make the most out of it but if you think you're stuck in something completely different than what you wanted, there is nothing wrong in starting over.

(2)Prepare a list and schedule your work
      This step will simply your work. All you have to do is maintain a small book, every night note down the things you have to accomplish tomorrow, it could be as simple as learning a chapter, writing an email, or going grocery shopping but make sure you write it down. After preparing the list, schedule your work that is when to do what. For instance, If I have to learn a chapter, write an email and go grocery shopping, I will give specific time slots for each of the work like anywhere between 8 am to 11 am, I can complete the chapter, after eating the lunch I'll write the email and around 5 pm I'll go grocery shopping. Preparing a list and having a schedule, will undoubtedly increase your productivity to a great extent.

(3)Don't be over ambitious
     We all have been there, we procrastinate our work for several days, and then try to complete all the work in a single which is quite impossible. While preparing your list, know your limits, don't write 20 different things to be done in a single day because if you're not able to complete all of it, you will feel bad. When you are scheduling your work, allot practical time slots, don't give yourself 30 mins to do a chapter, when you know that chapter will definitely 1.5 hr. In short, maintain doable goals!

(4)Organize your work space
      If your work space is cluttered, you would not feel like working no matter how much you love your work. If you work in office, make sure your work table isn't a mess, arrange everything properly. Organizing your wardrobe, will make picking outfits easier,we all have this tendency of feeling better when we look good. A positive attitude helps in increasing the productivity.

(5)Have time to rest
     You will think that taking a break will waste your time but its not true, you can work continuously without any breaks for few days maximum but after those  few days, your productivity will drop down to a solid zero. Its always better to have time for yourself, short breaks calms our mind, thereby increasing our productivity. If your work is stressing you, get up and go for a walk or play with your pet or talk to a loved one.

(6)Don't Procrastinate
    We all get this urge to procrastinate, so whenever you will like doing it, try to complete the work you love the most. Doing the work you love the most, is not going to be as hectic as doing other work and it won't even hamper your productivity.

                        Thanks for reading!


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