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Cute And Easy Curly Hairstyles.

   Our mane looks wonderful worn down but the same hairstyle every single day can get a little boring and repetitive. So here, I present some cute and easy hairstyles to jazz up your hair!

1. The Open Hair With Side Twists.
     This is a super easy hairstyle which looks really cool and edgy.
   Things you will need: (1) Rat tail comb
                                       (2)Hair Gel
                                       (3)Some bobby pins

Method: 1. Part your to the extreme right or left. The side with more hair will remain open and the side with lesser hair will be twisted. Using a rat tail comb, make a section from the part to the back of the ear. Don't worry if the parting on the back isn't perfect.
2.Make further smaller sections as many as you like,I usually do 3-4.
3.Take one small section apply a little gel on both sides to keep it super sleek and twist it flat to the head and secure with bobby pins. If you prefer braids,you can braid your hair instead of twisting it.
4.Repeat the same with all the sections and Voila! you have a super edgy hairstyle.

2. The Half Up Half Down
       This is undoubtedly my favorite hairstyle,I do it at least three times a way.
    Things you will need: Hair tie

Method: Using your fingers take a section from the ears and put it into a high pony using the hair tie of your choice.I like using the coily hair tie as it has a great hold and doesn't even form any creases.You can make the pony as high as you want or as low as you want but I think higher ones look super cute! Pull your pony a little bit and your half up half down hairstyle is done.This hairstyle can be converted into another one just by twisting your pony into bun.

3. The Messy Bun 
        This is my savior when my hair is in a desperate need for wash.
      Things you will need: (1)Hair tie
                                          (2)3 bobby pins

Method:Put all your hair in a high pony tail. Divide the pony tail into two sections, wrap one section in clockwise manner and secure the ends with one bobby pin. Divide the remaining section into two more sections,wrap one section in anticlockwise manner and secure the ends with one bobby pin. Wrap the last section in clockwise manner and secure the ends with one bobby pin. Pull the bun a little to give it a messy look. You can even pull few sections from the sides to make it messier.

4. The Twisted Half Do
         This a perfect hairstyle for Indo-Western outfits
     Things you will need: (1)Rat tail comb
                                         (2)Hair tie

Method:Part your down the middle using a rat tail comb.Take a small section of hair right next to the part.Divide the section into two and start twisting it,Add hair to section near to your face while twisting.Tie a hair tie at the end of the twist to prevent it from opening. Do the same on the other side of the part.Tie both the twist at the back of your head using a cute hair tie.This hairstyle looks really elegant,you can take it up a notch by wearing a pair of beautiful jhumka.

                   Thanks for reading!


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