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Curly Hair Routine On A Budget!

Curly hair requires time and love, once you provide it with the two it will undoubtedly flourish! But taking care of curly hair can be stressful at times because of the number of steps to be followed and the amount of products to be used. The curly hair products can definitely drill a hole in your pockets. To help all the curly heads out there I will be sharing my curly hair routine  which is affordable yet gives amazing results every single time.(Every person is different so is their hair,what works for me might not work for you,trial and error is what will make you master your hair)

I wash my hair only once a week,I dont recommend washing hair more than twice a week as too much washing dries out the hair

To minimize the confusion,lets first know about the steps then we will handle each step in detail.
  Step 1: Pre-wash(before shampoo)
  Step 2: Wash(shampoo and conditioning)
  Step 3: Post-wash(after shampoo).

Pre-wash: I dont prefer detangling my hair in shower as it causes much more breakage than I like so I comb my dry curls with a wide tooth comb and to make the dentagling process easier I apply little amount of coconut oil to my hair,you can use any oil which is available to you, I use coconut oil as I'm a die hard fan of everything coconut! After detangling,its time to oil the hair, Take half teaspoon of mustard seeds,crush it (you can use mustard oil instead), heat it with 1 and half tablespoon coconut oil till the oil becomes a little yellowish, add one tablespoon castor oil to the mixture ,strain the oil mixture ,you can manipulate the quantity of ingredients depending on your hair length(my hair is waist length). Apply the mixture to the scalp using circular motions,don't forget about your lengths,they need the magic of oiling too.I don't have any scientific data to prove why oil is good for hair but my grandmom is 68 year old and she still have amazing hair,and the only hair product she ever used is some good old oil! I tie my hair up in a loose bun and sleep with it. I prefer keeping the oil for as long as you can but if you don't have the time at least keep it for an hour.

Wash: I use activated charcoal and keratin shampoo from wow skin science (INR 275 for 300 ml from amazon) as it is free of sulpahtes, it doesn't dry out my hair.If for any reason you don't want to invest in a sulphate free shampoo what you can do is take a 500 ml empty clean bottle add to it 100 ml shampoo of your choice,50 ml organic apple cider vinegar and then add water to the top.Shake well, and use this mixture as your regular shampoo,it will leave your hair squeaky clean without being too drying. Massage shampoo gently on the scalp to get rid of the dirt, do not apply shampoo directly on the lengths.As I apply oil on my lengths too, I dilute the shampoo with a little water then apply it on my lengths gently.Make sure, you wash the shampoo completely out of the hair. I wash my hair for that extra volume. After shampooing I use a generous amount of wow coconut and avocado oil conditioner(INR 319 for 300 ml from amazon). I work the conditioner through my hair to get rid of any tangles created during shampooing. Keeping conditioner for few minutes gives me the best results.After few minutes, I rinse it off with cold water, yes you heard that right COLD water to seal the cuticle to help minimize the frizz.

Post-wash:Frizz is my biggest concern to help with it I apply few drops of light weight bajaj almond hair oil(INR 175 for 300 ml) on soaking wet hair.Next step is to apply a leave in, I use cenzias avocado and coconut oil conditioner(INR 178 for 300 ml from amazon) as leave in.You can keep a little amount of conditioner in the hair while washing it off and skip using a leave in.Apply the leave in on soaking wet hair scrunching the hair (grabbing handful of hair and squeezing the fist to encourage the formation of curl pattern) and squeeze the water off. The leave in is not supposed to be washed off. I then  scrunch using a cotton towel and tie my hair loosely using the same.After washing the body and getting dressed its time to style ! I wet the hair slightly using a spray bottle and then scrunch a generous amount of set wet gel(INR 120 for 125 ml) on the hair. I like to air dry my hair but you can also use diffuser. Make sure you don't touch your hair while its drying as touching wet hair will just frizz it up.My hair takes 2.5-3 hours to get fully dried. Due to the gel, the curls will become crunchy,but don't worry ,crunchier the hair,the better. Once the hair is fully dried use few drops of a serum or an oil to scrunch out the crunch . I use streax walnut oil hair serum(INR 200 for 100 ml). Once you are done scrunching the crunchy hair make sure you shake the roots and Voila! There you have a fabulous curly crown.Rock it without any worries!

                      Thanks For Reading!


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