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Being A Hairy Female

 In today's world,each and every person puts this immense pressure on themselves to look good. Don't take me wrong,there is nothing wrong in wanting to look good and presentable but to make yourself take unnecessary stress for the same isn't very cool. Especially,we women have to check a lot of boxes in order to be considered well groomed and pretty. One of these boxes being ,to have hairless smooth body.
   I'm a girl who is hairy and I'm not ashamed of it because I know that full eyebrows and voluminous hair comes with dark mustaches and hairy pits.Even if you don't have the thickest of the hair on your head,you can still be hairy,your legs can be more hairy than your boyfriend's,and you know what,it is completely normal because we are mammals and we are meant to have hair on our body!
I completely understand the women who likes to get various treatments like waxing,shaving even laser procedures to get rid of the unwanted hair but the women who prefers not to get rid of them are not less feminine by any means.There may be many reasons for them doing so,maybe they have a condition which makes them more hairy than
the majority;maybe they don't have or they aren't willing to spend money on these procedures;maybe they don't time or the pain threshold for it or maybe its just their choice to not get rid of the body hair.Whatever the reason is,being hairy or not doesn't define what being feminine is.
   I was teased during my school times for being hairy which made me feel a little bad.One day I picked up my elder sister's razor to shave my legs.I was extremely happy with how soft my legs turned out,they were looking much better too.So, I started shaving my legs occasionally, as I became older,I completely ditched shaving my legs just because of the amount of time it took and eventually learnt that self acceptance is far  more beautiful than smooth hairless legs. We women should help others women in accepting themselves rather than  picking on them.To be honest,I have never heard any of my male friends judge a women because she has hairy arms or legs but I have experienced my females friends doing this countless times.It's high time,we women start  empowering each other rather than envying each other's capabilities, beauty and the overall radiating energy.
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