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How To Be Productive!

  Every single day, we ensure ourself that we will be productive tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes, the long series of procrastination continues and this makes us feel guilty at the end of the day. So, what to do? Just follow these few steps and you will definitely be more productive! (1)Do what you love       I know.. I know, this is a very cliche sentence and you've heard it many times but it is still one of the most important factor affecting your productivity. If you hate your work or the organization you work for, it can be very stressful, it will not only affect your productivity but also your well being. In such a case if you can resign, do it, but I also understand that its not quite possible for everyone to quite their job, so here comes love what you do. If you were not able to get the exact subject combination you wanted in college, instead of being depressed throughout your college, try to make the most out of it but if you think you're stuck in someth

Indian Wedding Outfit Ideas! (What I Wore To Meri Behen Ki Shaadi!)

  We can't look anything but fabulous to our sister's or closed one's wedding! But planning outfits for the same can be a lot confusing. To minimize the confusion, I suggest you to look for other's outfit and note down what you like about it, it could be anything like the fit or the style or even the color. Once you have five outfits you like( you can note down more than five outfits but it will just end up adding more to your confusion) go on websites like myntra, craftsvilla, biba, etc or local stores which sell ethnic wear and look for outfits you have noted down. In short, planning is the key to slay the wedding! Here are the outfits which I rocked on my sister's wedding: (1) Engagement Look       For the engagement, I wore this beautiful floor length green Indian gown with purple, magneta floral prints all over it. The gown came with a net cape with golden tie detail on the front which took the dress to another level. This dress was bought from a

Being A Hairy Female

 In today's world,each and every person puts this immense pressure on themselves to look good. Don't take me wrong,there is nothing wrong in wanting to look good and presentable but to make yourself take unnecessary stress for the same isn't very cool. Especially,we women have to check a lot of boxes in order to be considered well groomed and pretty. One of these boxes being ,to have hairless smooth body.    I'm a girl who is hairy and I'm not ashamed of it because I know that full eyebrows and voluminous hair comes with dark mustaches and hairy pits.Even if you don't have the thickest of the hair on your head,you can still be hairy,your legs can be more hairy than your boyfriend's,and you know what,it is completely normal because we are mammals and we are meant to have hair on our body! I completely understand the women who likes to get various treatments like waxing,shaving even laser procedures to get rid of the unwanted hair but the women who prefers

Curly Hair Routine On A Budget!

Curly hair requires time and love, once you provide it with the two it will undoubtedly flourish! But taking care of curly hair can be stressful at times because of the number of steps to be followed and the amount of products to be used. The curly hair products can definitely drill a hole in your pockets. To help all the  curly heads  out there I will be sharing my curly hair routine  which is  affordable  yet gives  amazing results every single time .(Every person is different so is their hair,what works for me might not work for you,trial and error is what will make you master your hair) I wash my hair only once a week,I dont recommend washing hair more than twice a week as too much washing dries out the hair To minimize the confusion,lets first know about the steps then we will handle each step in detail.   Step 1:  Pre-wash(before shampoo)   Step 2:  Wash(shampoo and conditioning)    Step 3 : Post-wash(after shampoo). Pre-wash:  I dont prefer detangling my hair in shower a

Cute And Easy Curly Hairstyles.

   Our mane looks wonderful worn down but the same hairstyle every single day can get a little boring and repetitive. So here, I present some cute and easy hairstyles to jazz up your hair! 1. The Open Hair With Side Twists.      This is a super easy hairstyle which looks really cool and edgy.    Things you will need: (1) Rat tail comb                                        (2)Hair Gel                                        (3)Some bobby pins Method: 1. Part your to the extreme right or left. The side with more hair will remain open and the side with lesser hair will be twisted. Using a rat tail comb, make a section from the part to the back of the ear. Don't worry if the parting on the back isn't perfect. 2.Make further smaller sections as many as you like,I usually do 3-4. 3.Take one small section apply a little gel on both sides to keep it super sleek and twist it flat to the head and secure with bobby pins. If you prefer braids,you can braid your hair ins